Faculty Ethics Review Board
Please contact the appropriate department member with any ethical concerns you have.
Supervisors should be consulted before submitting any questions to committee members.
Amsterdam Law School
Economics and Business
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of HumanitiesGea Lindeboomg.lindeboom@uva.nl
Faculty of HumanitiesSilvain Smits.k.p.smit@uva.nl
Faculty of HumanitiesKasper de Bruijnk.debruijn@uva.nl
Faculty of HumanitiesHanna Frickeh.l.a.fricke@uva.nl
Faculty of HumanitiesRoland Pfaur.pfau@uva.nl
Faculty of HumanitiesHenri WijsbekH.W.J.M.Wijsbek@uva.nl
Faculty of HumanitiesDario Bootd.boot@uva.nl
Faculty of Science
UvA Other
UvA OtherWery van den WildenbergW.P.M.vandenWildenberg@uva.nl